Village Dreams


In collaboration with the chief, elders, and people of Ampeha, Ghana, West Africa, our mission is to support the villagers’ work to change the course of their future, through economic development and access to education and healthcare.

We believe access to money, education, and health makes a difference in how people are able to take advantage of their opportunities. And, given a chance people will embrace any challenge and work tirelessly in order to alter their impoverished situation.

Village Dreams is tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) 
of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Code.

Creating Business Opportunities and Gaining Access to Education and Healthcare

heartVillage Business VenturesVillagers’ business ventures become profitable through start-up loans and training opportunities.

heartVillage HealthcareVillagers receive basic healthcare facilities, treatment, screenings, education.
heartVillage EducationIncrease academic achievement of Ampeha Primary School students.

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