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For years the children of Ampeha have been going to school in six tumbledown classrooms sharing desks, books, and supplies. On schooldays they must sit and wait for teachers to arrive by taxi from the large town of Nkawkaw, 40 minutes away, hopeful that all the teachers will come.


The school was in desperate condition, crumbling walls, leaking roofs, and inadequate staffing and lack of supplies. In 2013, some basic supplies, early reader books, and PE equipment were collected at Lincoln Community School, an affluent international school in Accra. The village people were delighted. However, they needed something more than a one-time gift. They needed a change in educational outcomes for their children.

By the start of school in August 2013, Village Dreams donors provided the villagers with funds to buy cement to make the blocks needed to rebuild the collapsed walls.

However, even those welcomed repairs were not enough to enable students to go to school during the rainy season. The classrooms needed to be enclosed and electric lights installed.In September 2014, with more funds from the Village Dreams estate sale, villagers were able to purchase cement and make concrete building blocks for the construction of a new all-weather school.By the end of October 2014, under the supervision of Michael Addo, a director of Village Dreams, the villagers had built a new block of classrooms wired for electricity.

Construction of the new four-classroom block will be finished in early 2017. See progress on Newsletter page “Summer 2016”

Importantly, with the assistance of the District Director of Education, progress is being made with adequate and consistent staffing for all classes.



School Projects Needing Funds

  • Maintenance of the new school buildings – village responsibility
  • Purchase supplies, resources, and equipment for students and teachers – ongoing
  • Continue support of teacher technology training
  • Support teacher attendance at professional development conferences and workshops – ongoing
  • Purchase 10 tablets to enable students to access online educational resources
  • Drill a water bore and install a pump at the school
  • Install 2 eco-toilets – completed
  • Install a school energy source – (solar station) and training for two villagers to run and maintain it – $2500
  • Provide funds for villagers to buy materials for school water catchment system: cement for base, storage tank, and gutters
  • Provide villagers with materials to build an additional two classroom block
  • Provide materials for construction of teacher housing